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as stated, plan c provides protections for units that are tenant occupied. in closing i want to say i'm a middle class home ownership is good for our city. we love our neighborhood, we want to raise our families and retire hee. if you -- you will have the support of all t.i.c. owners and it's the right thing to do. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> thank you very much. my name is nancy mcnally, and i'm a native san franciscan. i've been here 63 years. my daughter is a lawyer. she graduated bolt, she has an mba, she went to sarah lawrence. i'm a foster kid. it's kind of a miracle, what my daughter experienced by her hard work. and she was forced to move to oakland a few months ago,
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because she's been priced out. well, i wanted to give you a little historical information about what it's like to be an aids activist in 2013. what i noticed in '89, and i don't think any of you folks, sitting there, were here in '89 -- oh, you were. okay. i don't know how old you were, but my land lady was a small time realtor named greta from skyline. she owned quite a few properties. she decided what a great idea, i'm going to take advantage of the fact that no one is willing to rent to people with aids. i will. she kicked out people left and right, including me. and tripled the rents. they were happy to have her. no one else was willing. she took advantage. that was in '89. and so i'm an unhappy native.
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i'm embarrassed of the city. i love this place for almost my whole life. i'm very, very ashamed of san francisco, and the politics. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker please. >> thank you. i'm max -- and i've lived in san francisco for 24 years, lived in district 9 for 21, in the same rent controlled apartment, and this legislation, if it passes, could displace me. i have not been told about the long-term leases by the prospective owners. i learned about that through the tenants union. if all property owners and the speculators who are sort of drawn in by this situation were honest and forthcoming, i think we would have a lot fewer problems but as the case is, we don't. we have to get information through whatever source it's
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available from. and that can create some misinformation at times, but i just see a lot of people coming into the city, from other places, and really trying to push out long-term tenants like me. and it would certainly disrupt my life to have that happen. i would have to move out of state. i've had the the same job for 15 years and probably would have to quit it and move on to something else if i were displaced. so it would be nice to stay here. i think the t.i.c., although i sympathize for people who are getting into homeowners through those channels, i think the way they're going about it in the proposed legislation is a little exploitative and i'm very much concerned about that. and that's it. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is joe donohue, i'm an author and a taxi driver. i have to agree with supervisor chiu. i believe the enforcement of this lifetime lease is rather vague. i think the numbers that she
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identified from the mid-2000 for condo conversions are rather straij if the limit is 200 a year. i would like to see the paperwork myself. i think since 1991 since i've been in this city when i first moved here i've lodged artists get strip mined out of the city through the reduction of affordable housing and through reduction of affordable living. and to pretend that there is no speculative interest in real estate in san francisco, when we've gone through a world recession that was caused by speculative real estate caused by the banks is disingenuous. i'm against this legislation because i don't think it will help the t.i.c. people and it certainly won't help me. i'm a renter. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker please. >> hi there. my name eskelly and i work in the supportive sector, and
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cannot afford rent in san francisco anymr. i'm attending today's hearing to gain more information about this proposal and how it affects renters and i would like to express concerns over the enforceability of the lifetime leases, without a budget or personnel, or even apparent understanding of what city department it would sit under. in this time of the digital revolution with over -- with 30% increase in tech companies in san francisco, i think it's imperative that we act cautiously and utilize the principle to guide us. the the city needs to intervene and bridge the gap between haves and have-nots. i would invite everybody to listen to the pod cast, how much can san francisco take. i just think that living in san francisco has been a really interesting experience, trying to find roommates on craig's
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list is chaotic. i asked if we could have a cleaning schedule, moved to the tenderloin, there was a serial rapist roaming around and then moved to oakland because i honestly can't afford rent in san francisco. ironically i worked two jobs and i work six days a week and am pretty exhausted. and i don't think that it's unfortunate that these two groups are pitted against each other but i do think that there's a solution and we have to find that. thanks. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is -- [speaking foreign language] >> translator: there are 15 of us in the family.
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this time i would like the supervisors to pass the t.i.c. proposal. to allow the t.i.c. people to buy an affordable house. so that we can have good and more perfect life in san francisco. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is jane fox.
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and i've lived in the same apartment in san francisco for 18 years. i used to be a middle class contributing citizen. i am now disabled, as well as old as jesus. so this situation comes really close to my heart, as well as that of my neighbors. and i live in the mission -- well it used to be the mission. it's now kind after food ghetto. i live on vil ensia street. i used to be proud to say that. now i'm a little ashamed because of what it's turned into. i can no longer afford to get a cup of coffee on my street. i have to go over to mission street, where i can still, some places, get a cup of coffee. the average rent in
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san francisco now is almost two-thirds of my monthly income. and i -- i mean not only can't i afford to move, i mean -- i don't know how i would even accomplish that because, clearly, i'd have to move to like iowa or someplace to afford a place. so i am opposed to this motion. i appreciate your attempting to address the t.i.c. problem, but i do not believe this is the way to do it. i think that this is shaky business here. and i am against it. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is renee gibbons and
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i've lived in the city since 1975. and i've seen, in the years since i've lived here, i see the rent control laws being diluted and diluted and diluted. i've been evicted three times from my apartment. my building that i live in right now is being turned into condominiums. the rents in san francisco are through the roof. in my neighborhood, they're getting $4,000 for rabbit -- and everybody i know, who has either been -- their buildings have become tenants in common, i know so many people who have gotten evicted. i do not know anybody who has won their case against eviction and i'm really skeptical about anything good about this proposal. how are working people suppose to do live in san francisco? the minimum wage is $10. i'm unemployed right now and being offered $11 an hour to
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work. how can somebody live in san francisco earning $11 an hour and pay $4,000 a month rent. it's absolutely ludicrous. we renters need somebody -- we need more people on our side. we need more people in the supervisors. we need more people in politics to take our side. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker. actually before the next speaker let me call another batch of cards, you can line up. marlene tran, kathy lipscom, cole burgon, wing lun, kwan su, zin shu, mulli billan, dixie -- someone wrote their name in chinese, if there's someone who might be able to read that --
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syd noava, tina muy lan, mike muy lan, elizabeth young and jazzie collins. next speaker. >> hello. my name is -- scott wiener and mike farrell do not represent homeowners. that's a smokescreen. they represent big developers. they promise a lifetime lease but the city attorney has admitted there are no funds allocated to enforce the lifetime lease. obviously they have no intentions to enforce it. scott wiener and mark farrell are not representing homeowners but looking to sell our city to the highest bidder. people often don't realize that civil liberties such as freedom of self-expression are connected to people's rights of housing. look at the bush administration. he was in the business of selling america to the highest bidder. we are experiencing similar in
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san francisco. is it any wonders who the san francisco who -- the nudity ban, the same supervise is now destroying rent control and selling san francisco. scott wiener, mark farrell are betraying the people of san francisco. they're slick republicans dressed up as democrats. we're witnessing a corporate takeover of san francisco politics. body freedom is our birth right and no one has the right to take it away, so is everyone's right to fair housing. scott wiener, mark farrell don't belong in city hall but in jail. there is nothing obscene about the human body. political prosecution is obscene. long live -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
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>> chair wiener: everyone come to order please. thank you. next speaker. >> hi, supervisors. my name is karen babette and i'm here today on behalf of the san francisco group of the sierra club and we sent awe letter on this subject back in september which i believe is in your packets but i have copies if you want more. i will read from it because otherwise there's no way you'll understand what i'm saying. the sierra club opposes the proposed condo ordinance and urgency rejection by the board of supervisors and this is for three main reasons. number one, just very practical, converting a t.i.c. to a condo doesn't create new housing. it just changes it from one type of ownership to another. the proposed fees that were discussedalty length earlier don't even come close to providing the needed funds to build replacement rental units. i understands the nexus study and did part of it but on a practical level it's odd to
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think that between 4,000 and 20,000 could build a replacement unit. number three, the proposed ordinance endangered san francisco's stock of controlled housing units. i know there are disagreements about what the lifetime can and can't do but that will ex-spire at some point and that unit will never be rent controlled again and it's lost forever. but we don't want to be all negative so we have other ideas. instead -- it seems to make more sense to protect rent control and the rent controlled units that we still have because you can't expand that type of housing by law as you all know and secondly the very obviously -- we want you to support construction of more affordable housing and that is part of the reason sierra club got behind prop c last fall. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is jaime alvarez and i'm
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here with my wife. we are t.i.c. owners. we are parents. we have two kids. we have a five-year-old and an eight-year-old and we want to stay in the city. we want to be homeowners in the city. we love san francisco. we're committed to staying here and we're asking you for some assistance in that process. being part of a t.i.c. has had so many ups and downs for us but when we started this process we knew there was no guarantee. we knew, however, that we were not going to do anything to evict tenants so we bought into a building that has no tenant evictions on its record. we want -- we are in favor of making sure that everybody has the opportunity to stay in the city. i myself am a public servant as is my wife. i work for the county. i represent all kinds of people in my job. i'm a public defender. i know the struggles that my
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clients have, i see them in the courtroom, outside the courtroom, i know what everyone goes through. all i'm asking is for a fair opportunity to be a homeowner in san francisco. i went to high school in the city. my wife's family grew up on 24th and bryant. we live in the mission. i'm asking for the opportunity to stay here, to raise my family, to raise my kids, to show them what an amazing city this is, to show them that they can live here, that they can set down roots and know that this city will always be there for them. we love it. please let us stay. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. members of the land use committee, i'm here today to represent san francisco ace, the appliance of californians for community empowerment. at our membership on saturday, the 26th of january we voted overwhelmingly with union
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dissending vote to strongly oppose the fast tracking of 2,000 t.i.c.s to condominiums. our major focus that is with our allies to pressure banks not to for close and evict homeowners and sometimes tenants but work with them on fair loan modifications. we have had success in this arena so we are definitely in support of home ownership but not at the expense of this majority tenant city which is the case with this proposal. the authors of the bill say that tenants living in the 2,000 t.i.c.s will be exempt from conversion but that is not the larger picture which is that the city is a very red hot market with increasing ellis evictions, move in evictions and rising rents. the fact is that most of the t.i.c.s in the lottery were created by eviction of tenants from rent controlled apartments. it reminds one of shopping at
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wal-mart. yes, the goods are cheaper there but who's paying the price for that. it's been said that this proposal creates new -- no new housing units. some t.i.c. owners complain that they can't get their units refinanced because of the ways loans are structured. ace feels there pain, but they must organize themselves in groups, and demand better mortgage deals of the 1% to open up flood gates and push people out of the city or onto the streets is not the answer. thank you very much. >> chair wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you much again for being here and supporting us and to everybody out here. seems to be a lot of support for both sides.
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my name is cole. i work as an administrator for a music school, which is a nonprofit that's been going for 40 years. i am administrator and outreach director. i teach music to areas all over the city and the majority of the people that work for me, or that work for us, are younger, poorer, musician creative types that if they were to lose their -- the housing that they have, one will be here later to speak, it would put them in a position where they would have to leench. when i moved to san francisco, i moved here because i felt this was a really special city, it had a cool about it, and an interesting nature, that was unlike anything else. i'm seeing recently that the rents, the way that they are, the makeup of the city is changing, and it's becoming something that it's losing its luster, in being the artistic
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community that it is. i'm worried that this proposal is setting up a slippery slope for other housing -- or property owners to kind of get their foot in the door and force people out, that will change the makeup of the city, not just the elderly or disabled or the poor, but again for the people that kind of make it run, that make it interesting. so one other thing i would ask you to think about through our property owners that are up here to speak on this behalf i think we understand your polite, we want to live in the city. but if you had to foreclose on your home, and then join the renters market, you would be in just a rough situation as everybody else because a two bedroom home going for $4,000 in many of the areas that we live in is unaffordable and unrealive. i that we move on to get --
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>> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> [speaking foreign language] >> translator: my name is -- how are you, everyone. i have been living in san francisco for more than 16 years. this is rated as a very good city to live in by the united nations. but the two bedroom apartment for my son cost him $2,000. so if this t.i.c. is passed, everyone will have its own housing.
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only a house will not impede the development and the development of this city. i hope you people high up could help us to make this dream come true, to own a house. we are looking forward to it. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon, arlene tran, a long time visitacion valley resident in district 10 and spokesperson for the asian alliance. today, we have over 100 residents here to support this important legislation, in order -- in addition to the hundreds of signatures that we are gathering. although we have a very capable translator today, the problem is everything is one-sided, as you
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can see, because many of the people that we have today are mono lingual chinese. they really don't understand the total proceeding. so would you allow me to ask them to raise their hand if they support this legislation. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. before retire from 37 years of teaching in the san francisco public schools, i serve tens of thousands of low income families who have been asking for affordable housing for too many years. please, seriously consider the needs of the condo owners, renters, and the good of san francisco. this is a very balanced legislation. it is win/win/win for all and please vote for it on behalf of everybody.
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thank you. >> co-chair kim: can i ask you a question. >> chair wiener: supervisor kim has a question for you. if you could, for the folks who don't understand english, if you could let them know that we appreciate it if they didn't applaud. if they want to wave their hands to approve. and, ms. tran, supervisor kim has a question for you. >> co-chair kim: you know, when you had talked in your speech, you had mentioned that you were talking about affordable homeowners and the future for everyone. i assume you're not necessarily represent ago group of t.i.c. owners that are currently looking for relief from their current situation, which may be higher interest rate loans but looking into the future that t.i.c.s would be a possibility for everyone. >> i am a member of the small
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property owners of san francisco, and we have lots of people in that area. the other thing is, in 2006, his i was thinking of having to convert my three unit building, but in fact i requested -- work on that. but he told me the complication involved, the time limit, so i gave up. so i'm here to say although i may not do it personally at this time but there are hundreds of others who really need this service. >> co-chair kim: that are current homeowners. but your wish is that this is a beginning. >> yes this legislation will have money because you know that i have been working with this population -- >> co-chair kim: yeah, i know your work very well and i admire your leadership in the southeast sector of san francisco but that was my question. thank you. >> thank you. >> chair wiener: president chiu also has a question. >> i just had one comment i wanted to make, which was i know that you are here representing
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individuals and working with individuals who are mono lingual who may not speak english and i want to mention to the public that we do have language interpreters for future meetings if this is something that individuals need, folks could make a request of us, we have it in our agenda, if we could receive your requests two days in advance to make sure we have an interpreter who can also provide headsets so folks can follow what's going on. if you wouldn't mind. >> is norther [speaking foreign] i apologize on your behalf that they were just sitting here without really understanding the whole of the proceeding. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. thank you. next speaker. thank you, ms. tran. >> good afternoon, everyone.
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my name is elizabeth d. young, i live in district 8, supervisor wiener's neighborhood, unfortunately. i am a renter, a long-time renter. my husband is terminally ill. my daughter is a graduate, university of california-berkeley with two degrees. she cannot afford to live in our neighborhood. she can't afford to live there anymore. i live four steps away from a google bus stop. since the google bus stops have been all over the neighborhood, goomg, apple, intel, hp, they say people are willing to pay these young tekkey kids a 40% premium to live within 10% -- a 10 minute walking distance from a google stop. with you believe this. i live in a rent controlled apartment. my wonderful landlord died. i have new landlords who are big shot super million ayers and i really mean big time
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millionaires. i'm waiting from one minute to the next to find out what they're going to do to me. because although my husband is still alive, once he dies, and he will die very soon, i have no rights. they can ellis me out, do whatever they want. they've got the money. i am one of those persons who fought very hard for bike lanes, who fought very hard to plant trees in the neighborhood, who fought very hard to keep dolores park safe, and yet i'm sure one of these days i'm going to get kicked out. and i am sick and tired of this, the way the people from the neighborhood have been treated by the likes of our dear friend, scott wiener. stand up for the renters. stand up for the people in the community who have made the mission what it is. all these kids, all they have to do is stand in line and get a ice cream cone in the afternoon, carpet the park on a saturday, sunday afternoon. they don't know how to

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